As a business advisor, I love being able to help my clients achieve success. From everything I’ve learnt, I can then pass this knowledge on to my readers through this blog, and I understand others have the same desire to help others. With this in mind, occasionally I open up Biznas to guest contributors.

Guest Post Guidelines

Please read through before reaching out.

The kind of topics I accept are:

  • Business related
  • Business and office tech
  • Marketing and digital marketing
  • Workplace issues
  • Management
  • Running a business
  • SMB related topics

When reaching out, please pitch me some topic ideas and send me some examples of your writing.

Writing Your Guest Post

For me to accept your post, it has to tick a few boxes:

  • 1,000+ words. Unfortunately I can’t publish shorter posts.
  • Original and high quality writing. Make sure your post is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Proof read your writing. The post must be original and exclusive to Biznas.
  • This is a UK based blog so please make your text inkeeping. For example, all money references should be in £.
  • Find 4-6 free to use images to go along with your post. Include sources if need be and attach the images seperately in an email.
  • Once published on Biznas, the post becomes property of Biznas.


Including links in your guest post is encouraged, as long as they follow these rules:

  • Links to high quality content that is related to the topic of your guest post are very much accepted.
  • Spammy or commercial links will not be accepted. Strictly no gambling, credit card, loan, or other such links.
  • No overly optimised anchor text. I can spot it a mile off.
  • Please save homepage links for your author bio.
  • Don’t link to the same website more than once in the body text.
  • Must include a minimum of 1 link to another Biznas blog post.

Links that don’t follow the above rules will unfortunately have to be removed.

Pitch Your Guest Post

If you agree to all of the above, please use the form below to pitch your guest post ideas.