One of the most convenient and accessible storage solutions today is Google Drive. This is because as long as you have a Google account, you can access Google Drive. You won’t need to sign up for another service. Even for people who have never used cloud storage before, Google Drive is very easy to use. But if you are looking for other cloud storage providers, here is a list of free and paid alternatives to Google Drive.

5 Free Google Drive Alternatives

Cloud storage is now a necessity but many new entrepreneurs usually can’t afford to spend much on technology. However, you’ll be surprised to know that even if you are starting a business with no money, there are still Google Drive alternatives that won’t cost you a thing.

Yes, you heard it right – FREE!

Many of these free alternatives do have paid versions as well, but the free accounts are very generous.



Free account gives you 50 GB storage

Personal Account 4.99 € / month – 200 GB Storage

Business Account 9.99 € / user / month – 1 TB Storage


Many cloud storage users often face a roadblock whenever they run out of space in the middle of saving important files. This won’t be a problem with Mega because you instantly get 50 GB of free storage once you sign up for an account.

While storage is one of the top features offered by this New Zealand-based cloud company, Mega’s utmost priority actually lies on security. Mega features end-to-end encryption in all file transfers and even in chats. There are also seamless collaboration features which are useful when different functional areas of a business work together.



Free account gives you 100 GB storage

Pro Account $2.99 / month – 500 GB Storage

Ultimate Account $9.99 / user / month – 10 TB Storage


If you need massive storage but you don’t have the cash to buy another hard drive or upgrade your current cloud service, consider Degoo as a Google drive replacement. The 100 GB of storage will allow you to save as much as you want and enjoy security features such as end-to-end encryption.

There is also an option for a paid upgrade that will not only add more storage but also provide added security features like zero-knowledge privacy.



Free account gives you 10 GB storage

Premium Account $4.99 / month – 500 GB Storage

Premium Plus Account $9.99 / user / month – 2 TB Storage


If security is your main concern, then pCloud might be one of the top alternatives to Google Drive for you. Even if you are only signing up for a free account, you’ll get the premium security features pCloud offers to all of its users including TLS//SSL encryption and other first-class security measures. This cloud service provider also guarantees that files are stored in multiple server locations in highly secure storage areas for extra protection.



Free account gives you 25 GB storage

1 € / month – 100 GB Storage

5 € / month – 10 TB Storage


This Google Drive replacement gives you a great balance between storage and security.

Signing up for a free account at hubiC will instantly give you 25 GB of storage plus you will also enjoy privacy features.

According to hubiC, every file stored is replicated in three sites in Europe. The upgrade options are also very affordable with the 10 TB storage plan costing only 5 Euros per month.



Free Individual Account gives you 10 GB storage

Starter Business Account $5 / user / month – 100 GB Storage

Business Account $15 / user / month – Unlimited Storage


The advanced security features make box one of the best alternatives to Google Drive for businesses and organisations. Users will definitely appreciate the sleek interface, making it easy to use. Even if you have a slow internet connection, box still works fast which makes a huge difference especially if you’re constantly chasing deadlines. You can also upgrade for a paid account if you’re looking for a cloud service provider offering unlimited storage.

5 Paid Google Drive Alternatives

If money is not an issue for you when looking for a Google Drive replacement, you can always go for paid cloud storage plans. While most of the free Google Drive alternatives offer paid upgrades, the list below offers additional options.



Standard Business $15 / user / month (3 users) – 3 TB storage

Advanced Business $25 / user / month (3 users) – as much as you need


With more than 500 million users worldwide, Dropbox is probably one of the most popular cloud storage providers today. This means that training employees to use this service will not be as challenging because chances are, most of them have used this service before. This also makes it convenient if you use cloud storage to transfer files to third-party companies and clients because they are more likely to have a Dropbox service already.

While Dropbox has a free version, the 2 GB allowance doesn’t really allow you to do much with it. This is why it’s placed in the paid Google Drive alternatives list.



50GB: £0.79 / month

200GB: £2.49 / month

2TB: £6.99 / month


This is the go-to Google Drive alternative if you have an Apple device like a MacBook, iPhone or iPad because iCloud is already built-in with these devices. Just like Dropbox, while there is a free version (iCloud gives you 5 GB Free), the iCloud free storage allowance is so small it’s being listed as a paid Google Drive replacement.

If you and your colleagues are die-hard Mac users, iCloud may be the right choice. However, if you are working with people who are using PCs and are used to the seamless collaboration features of Dropbox or Google Drive, this might not be for you.

SpiderOak One


$6 / month plan for 150 GB storage

$14 / month plan for 2 TB storage


SpiderOak One prides itself for its advanced security features offering end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge privacy. It is a great alternative to Google Drive if your company deals with many confidential data. This cloud service also provides sharing and collaboration features.



Premium Individual $12.50 / month – 200 GB storage

Small Business $20 / user/ month – 1 TB storage


Tresorit prides itself for having some of the world’s biggest companies as its clients including Canon, Roche, KPMG, Emirates, and Pfizer, to name a few. It only offers a free trial period for all of their plans but they do not offer a free service.

This Google Drive alternative is certified for ISO 27001 which is a specification for an information security management system and it can also facilitate your business’ compliance to HIPAA, GDPR, and other security and data protection requirements. This is important especially if you’re business gather customer data on an ongoing basis. Other security features include public key cryptography, zero-knowledge privacy, and client-side integrity protection.



Personal Plan $7.49 / month – 100 GB storage

Business Plan $55 / user / month (1-3 users) – 1 TB storage


SugarSync is one of the alternatives to Google Drive that offers syncing and sharing services. While most of its features are pretty standard, one interesting thing that it offers is the “remote wipe” option which allows you to remotely erase your data in case your device is lost or stolen. However, since your data is in the cloud, you can easily sync your data to a new replacement device.

Finding the right Google Drive alternative

There are now many different options when it comes to cloud storage solutions. Each service offers unique features that could benefit your business in different ways. When choosing a Google Drive replacement, take advantage of the free trial options to see whether that service is the right one for your business.